April 25, 2011

Model Completed

It has been a long month, but the Risen Savior model is finally finished. I presented it yesterday, and we'll meet again to discuss it next Sunday. Here are some photos I took this morning, attempting to simulate lighting conditions similar to the original. A cutout of my pastor is provided for scale, and some detail shots with a quarter, to show actual size.

Materials: Foamcore, mat board, bristol paper, construction paper, Elmers glue, spray paint, acrylic gesso, acrylic paint, clear PVC, steel yard marker, bass wood

Tools: #11 X-acto blades, awl, mat cutter, compass, rulers, hobby saw, brushes, ink jet printer, 220- and 1000-grit sandpaper


  1. It looks SO AMAZING!!! you should be sincerely proud of yourself :D you rock!

  2. WOW, I thought these were actual photos... and I was wondering what the significance of the giant quarter was. Very well done!!!