January 17, 2014

The Temptation of Christ

This is a drawing I made last year of the Temptation. Matt. 4:8, 9. See if you can find all the symbolism.

Whoever can write the best commentary on this illustration, drawing attention to all the symbols, by 12:00 PM Central on Saturday, Jan. 18, wins an autographed print of the drawing!

Longer is not necessarily better. Winner chosen at the discretion of the artist. Leave commentaries in the comments section.

Pencil and white charcoal on toned paper, 2013.


  1. 1) Satan (the current spiritual ruler) is dressed as in the garb of a Roman Emperor (current human ruler of the world).

    2) Satan is casting the attention of the viewer toward the pyramids of Egypt and the slavery from which Israel was freed and in which he wishes mankind to remain spiritually.

    3) The cracks in the rock on the left hand side of the cliff look as if they have been bound with rope (bondage). The stunted tree on the right hand side refers to the shoot from the stump of Jesse. Isaiah 11:1-10.

    4) The scepter of ruler ship is being held over the shoot from the stump of Jesse foreshadowing the coming rule of Christ.

    5) The view is looking at the painting with the viewpoint of God. God's (the viewers) left-hand is the side of judgment (denoted by the pyramids - slavery and the bound rocks- bondage) while the right-hand side is the hand of mercy (root of Jesse freedom and life). While Satan (a being reverse of God) holds the scepter is in his left-hand the hand of Judgment.

    6) Satan's Armor appears to have the relief of a dragon upon it which is a reference to Revelation 12.

    7) Jesus has his back to Satan (rejection of his offer) and directionally could be pointed toward Jerusalem. I am not sure about that one.

    1. Dawnfire: Send me your address in a private message on Facebook, and I will mail your print! Thanks for your commentary.

  2. This might be a long shot, but I also seem to see the words "I AM" in the cracks on the rock. I do for sure see the figure of Christ hanging on the cross also in the rocks, foreshadowing the ultimate humiliation of the all-powerful God.

    1. You are right about seeing the crucifixion, although "I AM" was a total coincidence. I see it, too, now.